The S.T.A.R.S Project
by Lee Andrew Taylor

N.C. Review

I don't like rats, the nice pet ones I'm okay with but not wild ones. This book definitely set me on edge, who wouldn't be. These aren't normal wild rats, these rats are smart and have escaped from the lab they lived in. The descriptions in this book are spot on and terrifying when the rat's attack you feel like you're sitting there watching it happen. I really enjoyed this book and the story-line. I have never read anything like it and look forward to reading more from Lee  Andrew Taylor.

Reviewed by Naomi

The Rats are Coming!

The S.T.A.R.S Project is a project set up by the government to increase the survival of the slowly decreasing rats' population in the town of Aaronsville. After a virus killed off a vast majority of rats, rats that humans need to help heal the sick, the local authority set up a lab in the university to help breed the rats, but after three years of experiments by the professor, the rats want out. Tonight they will flee the lab. Flee to take revenge on the humans who thought it was best to cage them. Tonight, the town of Aaronsville will awaken once again with the scurrying rodents. But this time the outcome will be different.