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The Lighthouse

There’s no escaping the storm.

Based on real events which saw two lighthouse keepers stranded for months at sea in a freak storm, the film tells a tale of death, madness, and isolation; a desolate trip into the heart of human darkness.

Movie Details

Running Time:

 102 minutes 

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)


Release Date:

6 July 2018 (USA)


Chris Crow


Paul Bryant

Chris Crow

Michael Jibson


 Mark Lewis Jones

Michael Jibson

N.C.  review:

This Welsh film is based on the true story of the Smalls Lighthouse incident of 1801.

This film was slower than most, but it was very well made. It seemed like something that Edgar Allan Poe would have written.

I would recommend this film to fans of gothic horror and psychological thrillers

I would recommend this film to fans of art-house horror and really intense PS

Reviewed by: Brandi