What Is The Horror Collaborative?

A group of creators sharing knowledge, combining resources and creating NIGHTMARES...
A section here on, as well as an upcoming podcast, with fellow Horror creatives, who will share their knowledge, tips, tricks, and stories, as well as how to, and informative videos.

Like I had mentioned in 2018, when I was in the pre-production of "I Don't Believe In Ghosts", I found a lot lacking on the creative side of indie Horror, and I was going to do something with the website to make information, and resources more accessible .

The Horror Collaborative, a place to share knowledge and resources, a place for indie Horror creatives to come and network, help each other and learn... perfect for beginners and vets alike. Frugal, small budget, or money backed.

Just cool, fun, and full of resources...
If you would like to be a part of The Horror Collaborative.

                       For more details Email: