The Nightmare closet


The Ryan family moves into their new dream home having no idea their new home is possessed by a demon. Katie Ryan becomes tormented by the demon and begins to terrorize her family. A Paranormal Horror Thriller inspired by true events.

Movie Details

Running Time:

97 min.

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)


Release Date:

 8 May 2019 (USA)


 David J. Espinosa


Craig Ahrens

David J. Espinosa


 Kelton Jones

Alena Gerard

Tara Milante

N.C.  review:

 I've seen some reviews for this film after I had screened it, and I have to say... Some folks just don't get it.

Audiences today are inundated with so much CGI effects and almost everything being action, action, action, that they have forgotten how to indulge in a film like this one. The Evil Down The Street reminded me of films I used to watch as a child, films that had texture, and suspense.

Again I have a wide range of taste in films and this one I really enjoyed.

So if you're looking for something with an old school feel, give The Evil Down The Street a chance.

                               Reviewed by William