I am honestly impressed by the way this book turned out, I thought it was going to be another one of those predictable and lame teenage vampire books, I was definitely proven wrong!

To be honest, the first few chapters of this book were eh, and that was this book's only flaw. As it got closer towards the middle, I found myself not wanting to put it down.

That Which Bites has the perfect mix of romance, gunplay, and normal vamp action!

It takes place in downtown Los Angles, where Julia Poe has survived on her own since she was 8 years old after mysterious grey clouds moved in, also known as the Grey Armageddon, which killed thousands of people, including Poe's family.

Few humans had known about vampires before the Grey Armageddon.

Afterward, they made themselves known, and either killed the remaining humans or kept them like cattle at a blood farm.

Not very many people survived, in fact, for awhile Poe thought she was the only one, but by the age of 22, she had managed to find a few friends.

Poe had amazing aiming skills, and almost never missed a target.

A few weeks after, she and her friends were separated, she went to check on them, but she was too late, they were already dead.

She then meets Master Vampire Kaleb Sainvire, she finds herself allying with him.

Will she be able to handle the fact of friendship?

Celis T Rono has surely created a future classic!

                                                                   Reviewed by A.

    That Which Bites
       Celis T Rono