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About the Show

This Podcast is to be a companion to the upcoming  Documentary/Reality TV show/Web-Series Investigating Hauntings, Legends, and Sightings in the Heartland of America. 

Throughout my life, I have held a fascination with the paranormal. Strange events have plagued me since my childhood... and have continued into my adult years.

One has to wonder...what was real, and what was imagination? I intend to find out. Join me, as I travel to different locations trying to find out if the stories are real, or simply urban legends.

I for one...Believe.

The question remains... Do you ?

The series follows William Mitchem and his team, as they travel down the back roads and the byways, trying to discover whether the stories of legend in the Heartland of America, steeped with folklore, Ghost Stories, and Mysterious Creatures, are Fact, Myth, or just another Urban Legend.

Each having their own past experiences, and each following their own paths of dealing with, and trying to understand the Paranormal.

First and foremost we are investigators...
Paranormal Me brings the investigations to you...

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