Are you a HORROR FAN-atic? Are you drawn to the Paranormal? Do you believe in Bigfoot, or Dogmen? Are you fascinated by Serial Killers?

THEN WE’RE LOOKING FOR YOU TO JOIN THE NIGHTMARE CLOSET FAMILY. has recently been revamped and rebranded (formally , but we need your help to keep growing and bringing Awesome content to our rapidly growing community. Are you a writer, or have you ever wanted to write for a professional horror site or Production company? Have you ever thought you’d like to do Horror Movie, Book, and Music reviews, or how cool would it be to interview a Horror Icon?

                                      Now is your chance!

What if I have no previous experience? Are you reliable and dedicated? Are you passionate about the kind of Content we provide? Are you creative? Grow with us as a writer, reviewer, interviewer, or an all around content provider. Share your love for Horror, The Paranormal, The Unexplained, and all things Dark and Twisted with all the fans of the genre.

Regular contributors will have the opportunity to be featured on the site, possibly with their own column. Your work will be seen on all of our social media outlets, including our rapidly growing Facebook page. You won’t just work on assignments… contributing what you want and making a column your own makes for a better fit, your style, your personality… As long as it falls in the genre.

We’re all about film, books, video games, television shows, graphic novels, music, art, horror merchandise, and anything and everything related to the genre.
A place for creatives to share… Writers, Independent Filmmakers, Artists, and Musicians who want to share their original poetry, short fiction, art, short films, music, etc.

We also have some Podcasts coming up… So researchers will be needed as well.

We receive inquiries daily to screen and review films, review books, and music, share breaking news, interview the genre’s most creative and Iconic names, and cover industry events.

If you’d like to see, read, or hear some of the newest and best that indie horror has to offer (Not going to lie… There will be some shipwrecks here as well) before anyone else and be on the forefront of the most thrilling things in the genre. We want to hear from you.


                          WE HAVE SUCH SIGHTS TO SHOW YOU!
                       SCREAM REAL LOUD… WE’LL HEAR YOU….

                              NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NEEDED!


This is a volunteer position, but there are many perks and growth opportunities. You'll be a key member of the family, have lots of creative control and a real voice in how we grow the site. Prior experience is helpful but not necessary. What we need most is passion and dedication, as well as someone with some great creative ideas who truly loves the genre and will be excited to help us grow.