The Nightmare closet


I met this wonderful lady on Myspace, and I'm glad I did.

I caught myself going back to her page to hear "Ride of Your Life", which I absolutely love.  Finally, I broke down and bought the full cd from Karen personally, which she would not let me pay for until it was received.  Like I said she is amazing, and to top it off it came autographed, a nice little bonus to a great purchase.  After hearing the whole cd, I had to put a review on the site.

"Playground Isolator" was independently released but whatever you do don't be one of those that lets that stop you. You would definitely be missing out.

Karen Stevers vocals are amazing!  Working with a Producer like Frank Gryner (Rob Zombie) definitely helped make this cd all it could be.  Her voice is so captivating, once it has you it won't let go.  Combine that with the symphony/heavy rock and you have a mix like chocolate and peanut butter, There's nothing better.  So do yourself a favor and go check her out.

Reviewed by William