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We are here to help spread the word on anything of pertinence to the horror community.

Independents seem to not get the same attention as the bigger film studios or record labels.

Simply put, all will be treated equally and be added to our release of exclusives.

So if you're not getting the response from other sites, now you have a new source!

If you have a Horror movie, Book, DVD, CD... or anything Horror related that you want to promote, send all press releases and information directly to:

Film Reviews:
We will always welcome advanced screenings of Horror releases for review. We guarantee your film "will" be watched and reviewed by someone from We do try to attend theater releases often but are not able to get out to see "everything".

Music Reviews:
We are now accepting advance release reviews from Musicians and promoters. Your work will be listened to by our staff to be reviewed honestly and unbiased.

Book Reviews:

As long as it fits the genre we'll review it.

I prefer a physical copy. We will accept kindle versions, but a physical copy will get read and reviewed quicker.

Interviews: will be conducting  interviews with industry horror talent of all types. If you are in the industry and have something to say, contact us and we'll make every effort to get you scheduled with one of our interviewers, we can do it by phone or e-mail, or possibly have you on a podcast.

Have a horror worthy event? Let us know! (or other online) horror media:
If you've got a cool video that you think our fans would enjoy, send us a link and if we like it, we'll see about posting it for our viewers!

Other content: is constantly growing and will be adding more content daily. So if you have something send it, we're sure we can find a place for it!

If you would like to send in materials for staff to review, go ahead and send them in! We guarantee we'll get to everything we receive, but it may take a bit! To increase your chances of getting your film, book, zine, or other project reviewed here, please read all that follows before sending us anything.

Please send an e-mail to expressing what it is you are interested in submitting before sending.

Please include some contact information other than your return address (business card, e-mail, phone number, etc,)
so we can notify you when your submission has been reviewed. Also if you have other press materials they would be greatly appreciated.

Please don't continually contact us to ask when your submission will be reviewed, unless we give you a specific release date in advance. Submissions with time-sensitive retail release dates will take priority. Our reviewers have scheduled films on a regular basis, and we will eventually get to yours.

Writing us and asking where your review is several times a week will only slow down the process.

Here at, we will give our honest, unbiased feelings regarding a submission. If we don't like what you've sent us, we WILL put that in our review. If you are confident in your work, send it in.

All submissions become the property of We do not return submissions.

So if you accept these rules, here's where to send your submissions!

If you have a physical copy, that's great. Please let us know in advance what you are sending and we will give you an address.

Can you interview, or do a feature on us?
Yes, just contact us at

Can your marketers send press releases or screeners to review?
Absolutely, that's what we're here for, to get you out there, in front of the fans.