The Nightmare closet

N.C. Review

This is a very solid haunted house story. I like how it was told in email format, reminds me of the found footage movies. This book is rich in descriptions and there was a creepy atmosphere.
I hated to put this book down when I had to, I was hooked from the beginning.

Reviewed by:  Naomi Downing

    by Author Morgan Sylvia


This is the place where the harrowed ghosts of a dozen generations whisper in the shadows of their ancestral home, where one family’s dreams of a new beginning turned into a nightmare that ended in tragedy.


This is the place where a line of witches bound themselves—in blood—to a primeval entity. Here, nightmare and reality meet beneath frozen skies, and even time and space fall under the power of the demonic being that rules this remote northern wood.


This is the place where the path of a tormented survivor meets that of an unknowing innocent. Past and present collide, and secrets long buried crawl back into the pallid light of day as the shadow of the Beast falls over them both. But even the bloodiest dreams of that demonic being may pale in comparison to what lies buried within the human heart.

This is the place where evil dwells…